Mail Out Flyer (Castex Industries)

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120 Main St
Providence, RI 02809

Castex is expanding into your community!
Here is how we will address your concerns. 

Dear Resident,

Castex Industries will be expanding into your area from January 2015 into early July 2015. For 50 years Castex Industries has produced Providence’s premiere dairy products while creating partnerships with Rhode Island’s local farms. Our expansion will be very beneficial to the Bristol community, offering approximately 1,500 in-state jobs.

We are aware of your concerns and have outlined several ways we will alleviate them.


  • We have set designated hours of construction from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm to prevent noise disruption during sleeping and leisure hours.
  • All materials will be pre cut off site to reduce the noise of power tools.
  • Sound barriers will be installed around the construction area to lower echo and noise.


  • Crossing guards will be positioned at schools within a 5-mile radius of the construction zone to ensure the safety of students
  • Traffic guards will be positioned to direct traffic around the construction zone to prevent traffic jams.
  • Detours will be mandated and clearly outlined with detour signs to reduce traffic jams around construction areas.


  • A fence will be installed to clearly mark and enclose the construction zone and to limit access to authorized personnel.
  • Signs will be erected to mark the beginning and end of construction zone


  • All the debris from the construction site will be placed in dumpsters and disposed of at the end of each workday to eliminate the build up of waste.
  • The construction zone will be washed down daily to reduce the spread of dust.

We would like to thank you for your time, cooperation, and patience as we expand our company while building an abundance of opportunities for the community. If there are any other concerns or questions please contact us at 401-234-5678 or email us at

Alissa McGeehan
Director of Public Affairs
Castex Industries