Media Release – RWU Incident Response

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 Roger Williams University implements commuter programs
Immersing commuter students into the University community

BRISTOL, RI (October 15, 2015) – Director of Student Programs & Leadership at Roger Williams University, Carol Sachetti, announced several efforts to improve commuter immersion and involvement while on campus. The announcement was made yesterday in a board meeting held at the Bristol, RI campus.

Commuter students expressed concerns about the absence of sufficient opportunities to connect with other students, especially those residents on campus and fellow commuters. Additionally, they said they wanted a designated place to relax with other students while on campus.

Roger Williams University will revamp Commuters in Action, construction of a commuter lounge, freshman partnership program, and implement commuter transportation for how the University is addressing concerns.

In 2010, Commuters in Action was created to help commuter students feel apart of the Roger Williams community. “The club will revamp its efforts by creating new events geared toward improving commuter lifestyle and connections with other students during their time on campus,” says Carol Sachetti, Director of Student Programs and Leadership. She said the department conducted a survey to identify the types of events commuters would be interested in, 80% said they wanted commuter lunches and coffee breaks. These new events will give commuters a place create new friendships and connections. These programs among several others will begin in the fall semester of 2016.

The Department is constructing a commuter lounge in the Global Heritage Hall for commuter students to relax in between classes. Director of Commuters in Action, Scott Yonan, stated that the commuter lounge would help commuters create connections with other commuter students. Additionally, the lounge will offer a variety of amenities to commuter students including a homework area with desks, secure lockers, and a television area.

The Department is building a partnership programming between freshman commuter and non-commuter students. The program requires participants to attend monthly meetings and mandatory events on campus. Sachetti stated the program would help maintain a healthy environment for “academic success and integration at school” while forging connections between commuters and non-commuters.

Roger Williams University is implementing a commuter student transportation system. Commuters are encouraged to carpool with other commuters however the University is creating a shuttle route and off campus commuter parking lot for students. The shuttle will drive to and from the commuter parking lot, located near the University’s Providence campus, every hour from Monday to Friday. According to Sachetti the majority of commuter students are from Providence and surrounding towns. By providing a transportation system students are encouraged to create connections while coordinating with other students when they are taking the shuttle.

As of fall of 2015 Roger Williams University’s commuter population was 500. The University offers over 60 clubs and organizations campus wide. The clubs range in a variety of interests including Colleges Against Cancer and Dance Club. Every student is encouraged to get involved with these programs. 

About Student Programs & Leadership
Student Programs & Leadership engages Roger Williams University students in out of classroom experiences and programs. Each experience is designed to support the mission of Roger Williams University and to promote civility, responsibility, character, leadership development, and community involvement. SP&L is in charge of more than 60 clubs on campus.

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