Speech – GN Railroad

Good afternoon, my name is Alissa McGeehan and I am the CEO of Grand Northern Railroad. I would like to start by expressing my sincerest apologies for having you come out here again today. Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

On November 6th the pride of our fleet, the Grand Northern Mainliner, broke down 20 miles from its Boston destination. Although no one was injured the situation left hundreds of our cherished passengers worried whether they would make it to their destination. We immediately alerted our high-speed train that was able to arrive at the scene within 20 minutes of the incident. The high-speed train transported our passengers to their final destination.

With our recent mechanical failure Grand Northern has hired a new team of mechanics. For the past two days these mechanics have inspected each and everyone of our trains to assess their mechanical condition and fixing any problems that need immediate attention. Starting next week there will be monthly inspections required for all trains to maintain their condition and prevent future mechanical problems from occurring.

At Grand Northern Railroad, our main priority is our customers and we want to provide them with safe, dependable, and enjoyable transportation. Our company failed to deliver that on November 6th. We are aware there are other issues that are impacting our organization. Today I will address the current issues that Grand Northern is facing and what our company is doing to implement solutions.

One of the main issues Grand Northern faces is flooding in the spring. While we cannot control the weather we can take the required measures to prevent these interferences. We will be building a drainage system starting November 16nd and ending November 30th. The new drainage system will help drain the water on the tracks. Additionally, on November 16th and ending November 23rd we will elevate the tracks to further prevent flooding and delays.

As you know in the winter snow buildup has been a severe issue that Grand Northern has faced. On December 1st we will begin installing equipment that heats the tracks, helping to prevent snow build up and the tracks from icing over. Additionally, we have begun the hiring process of a snow removal team that will remove snow immediately during and prior snowfall to prevent delays and snow build up. Lastly, we are installing plows on the front of each train for when it snows. All these advancements will be completed on December 10th.

Another issue that has caused Grand Northern much distress is cows grazing on the tracks. Yesterday we met with farmers bordering our tracks. We both came to the agreement that Grand Northern will install fences at the expense of the company to prevent cows from wandering the track. The fences will be constructed on November 11th and completed on November 13th.

Other services we are offering are various alert systems informing our customers of train delays to make up for the insufficient communication. These systems include a mobile application, alert text messages, and phone number customers can call. Passengers can subscribe to the text message service and download the mobile app on November 16th. These new alert systems will inform passengers’ 30minutes in advance of their train time if there is a delay.

There have been complaints of the poor customer service and or customers deserve better. Beginning November 13th there will be monthly mandatory training for each employee. The training session will readdress our company’s core values while teaching employees how to better accommodate our customers.

We want to rebuild your confidence in our organization. With these upgrades and solutions to the issues Grand Northern Railroad has faced we trying to win back our reputation and our customer’s trust. Thank you for your time. We now open the floor to any questions.